Advantages of choosing online casino compared to online sportsbook

In one of our previous articles, we talked about the benefits of choosing an online casino compared to a sports betting site. You can read the article here. Because this topic is quite important, we’ve decided to expand it and introduce you to a new one that would be useful for you to make informed choices before you start dealing with gambling. Here is her:

The advantages of online casino games compared to online sports bets are several, but they are very important for the players. We can easily categorize them in the following groups:

  • Lower margin to beat
  • Huge jackpots
  • Much higher starting bonuses
  • The variety of casino games
  • The variety of online casinos where to play

In sports betting, online bookies often offer margin that is too high (this is not true for huge championship like English Premier Leagie). In matches from smaller championships which don’t collect enough money, the bookmakers set a margin of up to 15-16 percent. With online casinos, this is much more difficult because the games are standardized. More about the casino margins you can read in this Wikipedia article. So, regardless of which casino you play in roulette, your chances of winning are equal. Of course, there is a catch and it is in the difference in the jackpots, which are different at different casinos.

The chances of winning a lot of money from sports betting are much lower than those to do that while playing in an online casino. Actually, everyone who plays any of the various casino games has chance to win one of the big jackpots and thus win a lot of money. Achieving such a profit through sports betting is virtually impossible. Of course, the player’s chances of winning a big jackpot and winning a lot of money are close to nil, but still the casino player has them.

Due to the higher competition between online casinos, players get much higher starting bonuses at casino sites compared to online bookmakers. Often, we can see how the same site offers a five to six times higher starting bonus for casino games than those for the players who have decided to try their luck with sports betting.

Online casino games have another great advantage and it is in the number of games that players can choose from. Each of the games has its own small features and distinctions from the rest. This allows players to find exactly the one that suits them perfectly and thus to increase their winning chances.

The last big advantage of online casinos over online bookmakers is in their larger numbers. This increases competition between casinos, which actually means better options for players to win from gambling. Since online casino margins are relatively stable, better earning opportunities come from higher starting bonuses and the jackpots.

Today, in the Internet era, we have a choice. If we decide to gamble, it’s a good idea to start carefully by choosing the type of game, the bookmaker or the casino and getting all the benefits it offers. We hope that with the above few lines we’ve written for you, we have been helpful with our guidelines about how to start dealing with gambling.

The advantages of casino games compared to sports betting

Both sports betting and casino games provide great opportunities for gambling and of course profits if we are smart and lucky enough. For both casino games and sports betting we can use and develop different strategies to play to increase our profits. However, whether sports betting or casino games are more suitable for us and which of them gives us more opportunities to make profit. In the next few lines we will try to introduce some of the benefits of casino games compared with sports betting.

  • Ability to play at any time – Unlike sports betting, when playing casino games you can play whenever you want. Especially easy is to do this online. Just log in to your favorite gambling site and start playing. In sports betting you can bet on your favorite team or athlete only several times a week, which is definitely limited.
  • Higher bonuses – Practically every casino offers a higher starting bonuses and free games to play with compared with the online sports betting bookmakers. The reason behind that is in the high competition between casinos, which help us all.
  • Clear profit opportunities – Unlike sports games in casino games the winning possibilities are precisely calculated. Given this information, the players can more easily calculate their chances of winning or losing a game.
  • Huge jackpots – unlike sports betting, most of the casino games accumulate huge jackpots that can be won with one game. This effectively means that even when playing with a small amount, you have a real albeit small chance to become a millionaire.

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Of course, these are just a few of the advantages that the different casino games have compared to sports betting on the Internet. The opposite is also true and in one of our next posts we will examine in details the advantages of sports betting than playing casino games online or in a real casino.

Don’t forget your betting bonuses

When playing in online casino or betting with your favourite sports bookmaker you shouldn’t forget about one of the most important things which is constantly to take the most of the advantages offered to you by your bookmakers. One of these advantages are all the different types of bonuses and offers for free games that players can get from the bookies.

The competition among the bookmakers and online casinos for new players is so serious that they constantly offer various bonuses for its new and exiting clients and it would be a real loss if you don’t take advantage of these offers.

The most common bonus is so called starting bonus. These are bonuses that each player can use at registration with the bookmaker. It is need just a bit of research to determine where the best starting bonuses are. Then you must take as much as you can.

Another very common kind of bonuses which is offered by all bookmakers are the so-called mobile bonus. In these bonuses when a customer starts using the mobile platform of the respective online casino or bookie, he or she gets free games or money with which to gamble.

Online sports bookmakers offer bonuses linked to the accumulation of several bets in one. For example, you can get extra percentages to your profit if you combine a bet of at least three matches from American sports or the best football leagues of Europe. This gives additional possibilities to build a successful betting strategy which is something that must be used by anyone who wants to win from online betting.

When a player constantly plays in a casino or do sports betting with a bookmaker he or she often receives the so-called loyalty bonus. It is associated with small sums or free plays from which the player could win real money.

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However, when we talk about bonuses it is important to note that this money can not be just withdrawn by the player. Bookmakers and casinos have limitations related to the entire bonus amount which should be played several times and only then the player would be able to withdraw the bonus.

However, despite these limitations the bonuses which all the customers of online casinos and various sports bookmakers could find and use are something that should not be missed. The player must examine carefully the various offers and take advantage of the best of them. By doing that he or she would surely increase his or hers chances of success.

Huge success in Day Three

Four Unders from four matches with two draws. This is probably the best result we could ever have from this day. All four unders gave profit of 2.01 units with flat betting (I bet at trusted online casino malaysia), while the draw betting gave 2.1 units pure profit. Not bad from just four matches, heh!

So, let’s hope this good strike to continue tomorrow.

Four matches and eight bets in Day Three

Day three comes with four matches which corresponds to our needs – less than two goals for the last four matches, scored by both the host and the away soccer teams. Here are the matches:

  • Kissamikos – Chania in Greece
  • H. Nazareth – M. Herzliya from Israel championship
  • Altinordu – Kardemir Karabuk – Turkey
  • Atromitos – Iraklis from Greek championship

As usual for every of this four matches we are going to bet for an Under 2.5 goals, scored by both teams in the match and for a draw. Crossing fingers for lots of draws.

Day Two results

We have a draw! This is good as it helped us to earn money for our betting bank, but still it is not enough.

The draw came in the match between Leonesa and Compostela, and what is even better is that it is a 1:1 draw which means that our under bet is a winner too.

Unfortunately the other match Met. Skopje vs Rabotnicki ended with 1:2 which means two lost bets. However, this is what it is and we can’t wait for tomorrow soccer matches.

Day Two – Our betting tips

Strangely, but today we managed to find only two matches. This is strange because today is Sunday and we expected many more games on which to bet, but still – this is what the numbers said. It is very important to keep the betting strategy until its end, even when you need to bet on some match. The discipline is very important.

So, no more spend words. Here are the matches:

Met. Skopje – Rabotnicki from Macedonia
Leonesa – Compostela from Spain

Lets hope one of them end with a draw and both of them with less than 2.5 goals scored by both teams.

Day One – results from our Betting experiment

Well, it could be said that our betting trial has not started good. It is close to a disaster, but lets be believers.

Only one draw from six matches with odds of 3.1. This means loss of 2.9 units which is not good at all, but there are plenty of matches ahead which could give us better results.

In the under betting game there were three winners, but with cumulative result of 4.54 they gave us loss of 1.46 units, which is a bit better, but still is a loss which hurt a bit our betting bank.

OK, lets wait for day Two and the matches which are coming.

Day One with six matches

The first day offered six matches where both the host and the visitors haven’t scored more than two goals in their last four matches. Here are the games:

Cherno More – Levski from Bulgarian championship
Sp. Subotica – Rad Beograd from Serbian championship
Charlton – Reading from Championship in England
Karsiyaka – Gaziantep BB from Turkish championship
Ath Bilbao B – Ponferradina from Segunda division in Spain
Prato – Arezzo from one of the lower Italian divisions.

Crossing fingers for lots of draws and under 2.5 goals matches.

A gambling experiment