Advantages of choosing online casino compared to online sportsbook

In one of our previous articles, we talked about the benefits of choosing an online casino compared to a sports betting site. You can read the article here. Because this topic is quite important, we’ve decided to expand it and introduce you to a new one that would be useful for you to make informed choices before you start dealing with gambling. Here is her:

The advantages of online casino games compared to online sports bets are several, but they are very important for the players. We can easily categorize them in the following groups:

  • Lower margin to beat
  • Huge jackpots
  • Much higher starting bonuses
  • The variety of casino games
  • The variety of online casinos where to play

In sports betting, online bookies often offer margin that is too high (this is not true for huge championship like English Premier Leagie). In matches from smaller championships which don’t collect enough money, the bookmakers set a margin of up to 15-16 percent. With online casinos, this is much more difficult because the games are standardized. More about the casino margins you can read in this Wikipedia article. So, regardless of which casino you play in roulette, your chances of winning are equal. Of course, there is a catch and it is in the difference in the jackpots, which are different at different casinos.

The chances of winning a lot of money from sports betting are much lower than those to do that while playing in an online casino. Actually, everyone who plays any of the various casino games has chance to win one of the big jackpots and thus win a lot of money. Achieving such a profit through sports betting is virtually impossible. Of course, the player’s chances of winning a big jackpot and winning a lot of money are close to nil, but still the casino player has them.

Due to the higher competition between online casinos, players get much higher starting bonuses at casino sites compared to online bookmakers. Often, we can see how the same site offers a five to six times higher starting bonus for casino games than those for the players who have decided to try their luck with sports betting.

Online casino games have another great advantage and it is in the number of games that players can choose from. Each of the games has its own small features and distinctions from the rest. This allows players to find exactly the one that suits them perfectly and thus to increase their winning chances.

The last big advantage of online casinos over online bookmakers is in their larger numbers. This increases competition between casinos, which actually means better options for players to win from gambling. Since online casino margins are relatively stable, better earning opportunities come from higher starting bonuses and the jackpots.

Today, in the Internet era, we have a choice. If we decide to gamble, it’s a good idea to start carefully by choosing the type of game, the bookmaker or the casino and getting all the benefits it offers. We hope that with the above few lines we’ve written for you, we have been helpful with our guidelines about how to start dealing with gambling.